Class Notes, Summer 2009

Class Notes, Summer 2009

Greetings everyone, I hope everyone has had a great spring following a pretty dismal winter. I also hope everyone’s jobs, careers and lively hood are going well. Another quiet quarter, but some big news for the Fall Homecoming.

It’s a great pleasure to announce once again the Kings Point Class of 94’ Fifteen (15) Year Reunion which will be held the weekend of October 2nd 3rd and 4th. We have built a custom area on our website just for the homecoming to send details, announce, and have all the information there. So please visit for more information. We certainly hope to see many of you there as it will be a memorable one.

Things have been fairly quiet for the last quarter; have heard from a couple of you. Personally my business Pro Motion Design (web, marketing, graphic design, custom development) has actually been growing this year. I have hired yet another Office Administrator/Marketing Assistant to help both internally and with my external clients and projects.

Many of you may have seen the recent blog post, but I have teamed up and did some work for our classmate Matt Hartzell & his company with a website overhaul and some new printing jobs. For more information please visit the Kings Point website (, or visit Matt’s new website If anyone is looking for help with their website, graphic design or marketing, or online marketing certainly let me know.

I actually had the chance to see James MacRitchie back in March where we partook in “Sausage Fest” annual ski trip…I don’t know number seven? Although it was only James this time. Chuck Eaton another usual “regular” had a bum knee. James and he flew out to San Diego and spent a couple of days visiting, then a few days skiing at Mammoth. The skiing was terrible, but the visit and trip was great as usual!

Blake Miller & James in Mammoth
Blake Miller & James MacRitchie in Mammoth

Bruce Skillman wrote in . . . . “This may be my first time writing in to this in a long time. Hope all is well with you and your family. I just can’t believe that it has been actually 15 years since we left Kings Point. Wow. That is amazing. I am still living in the New Orleans area and enjoying the life that the southeast has to offer. I have finally turned pro in 06′ and have been married to a great girl for three great years. Today is our third wedding anniversary. No kids but our yellow lab Charlie is alot like the “Marley and Me dog” which keeps us both on our toes.

Bruce & Angie Upton
Bruce & Angie
I still find time to hit the pool and swim when I am not busy working. I am still shipping out as Chief Mate. I have had my Master’s license since 06′ but have not had the opportunity to sail as Master. I have patience and actually enjoy the movement about the vessel that the job requires.

To the class, I am hoping to make it back to KP for our 15 year reunion, there are no promises with the work schedule. To all of you that have survived the riggers of life out of school the past 15 years, I wish you all the best. One of these days, I am going to be lucky enough to make it to a reunion.”

Robert Upton
Rick Mangubat & Robert Upton
Robert Upton updates us with: “Hello Bake, Just thought I would touch base with you. I am currently living in Savannah, Georgia and working as a pilot. I am married and have three kids; two boys, and a baby girl. Everything is great here. I recently ran into Rick Mangubat, also 94. He is currently sailing as Captain on the Maersk Tangiers and I was his pilot the other night. I added this picture of us, and as we were about to sail. Congrats on your new marriage and hopefully we will see you in NY this October.“

Mike Farrell wrote in with this: “Hello Everyone! I hope all finds you well. I am stationed with the USCG in Rotterdam, NL. Life is well and has treated my family and I great. Arrived here in summer 2008 and I am conducting port security assessments for the Coast Guard in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year’s reunion, but I hope all of you who attend have a good time. My contact info is below (mobile is best) and hope to hear from you. Cheers and God Bless! Cell: +31(0)62-316-9593”

Hugh Healey sent a note in from Guam with: “Hi Blake, I’m emailing from the tropical island of Guam, “where America wakes up first”. I was given the opportunity within Horizon Lines as the General Manager of Guam and Micronesia a little over a year now. My wife Sarah and I are enjoying this part of the world, and we are expected our second child (son) any day now. Guam is on the brink of a major military build up, so no rest for the wicked. On a second note, I had the opportunity of traveling to Shanghai, China to visit Fred Castonguay and Matt Hoag. Fred was a gracious host and I still owe him money from our golf rounds. Hope all is well! Hugh”

Wes “Weasel” Corbett contacted me all the way from Nigeria and wrote: “What’s new buddy. About to finish a jack-up repair project in Dubai and then heading back home. Just wanted to get some news from that side of the planet. Ran into Javier Bru (’98)…one of the Panamanian Plebes…he’s the Flag Surveyor for the project. I don’t think he recognized me…good thing I think. – Weasel”

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