Class Notes, Summer 2012

Class Notes, Summer 2012

Greetings everyone!  Not too many new postings this submission.  Probably cuz not much is new with many  . . I think we’re all nose to the grindstone!  In fact, nothing new for me either since the last posting.  Family Good, Work Good . . . The Usual.

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook too – I won’t provide the link here, but our group name is “Kings Point Class of 1994”  UPDATE: I’ve added “KPS94” to it for some further ease in finding us. I emailed out earlier that with the Group changes in Facebook late last year, we had to pretty much start over with members so ensure you find us and request to join again.

Just prior to the last update, I was days away from our annual SausageFest ski trip  with Chuck Eaton and James MacRitchie and we went back up to Whistler, CA.  Mac and I arrived a day early into Seattle to surprise Chuck for his big Four-Oh surprise party that his wife, Erin put on for him. We both went straight from the airport to the party!

It was a great trip overall – even with the fact that it was the same weekend as “Winter Pride 12” so it made the self-pronounced name of our little guys trip a bit more ironic.  All was good though!

On the way back, we stopped in to see Matt “Huck” Hannuksela and his family.  Matt is doing very well and still working for Crowley!  His family and house are beautiful!

Hans Rittinger's Daughter
Hans Rittinger's Daughter

Hans Rittinger did some checking in from sunny Florida, continuing to Power Paradise.  Just about to (hopefully) wrap up a 125+ day outage at the Port St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1. Refueling and major modifications for more Mega Watts. Saw Steve Douglas (5th Co – Class of 1991*) on site with Siemens. Unit 2 outage starts later this summer to complete its up rate modifications. Daughter Lola turns 5 on April Fools Days this year

And check this out . .. Hans “finally converted a video I filmed our Plebe year into a usable format. Hopefully it brings back some good memories of simpler times! Enjoy.” Wow, that’s awesome.

And that’s it.  2 of us with a few stories, plus a cool video  😉

Thanks again for the submissions!  I have updated our “MIA List” of missing email addresses on our website, And be sure to join our Facebook group “Kings Point Class of 1994 (KPS94)”    Till next round . . . ~Blake

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