There are a buttload of ways that we’re now able to connect with each other and the following online sites and networking groups are available for you.

Direct Connections

These are groups and networking sites that are directly related to our Class of 1994.

  • Facebook: “Kings Point Class of 1994” on Facebook – seems that 2008 is the year of FaceBook!  Join Now   Not a member?  Join Facebook today.

Indirect Connections

These are groups that are just “KP” or “Service Academy” related.

  • Facebook: “Kings Point Alumni” – the official “alumni” group in facebook.  Join Now
  • Facebook: “US Service Academy” – group of alumn from any of the service academies.  Join Now
  • Linked In: “USMMA Alumni” – One of the multiple “alumni” groups on LinkedIn.  Join Now
  • Linked In: “USMMA Alumni at Kings Point” – One of the other “alumni” groups on LinkedIn.  Join Now

Got More?

I know there’s more likely out there, or there will be at least new ones popping up.  If you know of any, or hear of anything, please let me know and I’ll get things updated.

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  1. I am trying to locate Richard Hershberger enrolled at King’s Point in 1963 or1964. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. His father was the navy chaplin there.

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