You’re Invited! Legacy Plebe BBQ

You’re Invited! Legacy Plebe BBQ

Hope everyone has been well and having a great Spring. As you know, we and the class of 1969 are the inaugural “Legacy Class” which is a program designed to connect classmates of 25 & 50 years from the current graduating class – 2019. There are a series of guidelines and ideas and we’ve already hit up a few of them (One was attending acceptance weekend which some of you did!)

Anyway, we’re off with another activity and we’ve stepped things up a bit. after a few months of a few key legacy classmates and work with the AAF, we are excited to announce the “Legacy Class BBQ” on Saturday, 30APR16. It’s open to everyone and we’d love to see you there. We’ve teamed up with KP69 and we are funding this mostly under our own accord so are accepting (and encouraging 😉 donations. We are accepting Corporate / Organizational sponsorships if you’re group would like to show (and receive) some KP Love!

So here you go – have a look, learn more and donate a plate or two of pig:


Blake and the Legacy Team

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