Class Notes, Fall 2010

Class Notes, Fall 2010

Greetings everyone, Blake Miller here staying busy as per usual. The entrepreneurial spirit continues and I’ve been glad to do some web/IT work with classmate Derek Parker. On a personal front, I guess the biggest news, by the time this is published and sent, is that I’ll be expecting bambino #1. Wifey is due early December and we’re uuber stoked! Enjoy the class notes recently submitted.

jeremy-dehaai-familyJeremy Dehaai wrote in: “All is well out here in Central Illinois. Life is great for me – I have a wonderful wife (Krista), 3 fun children (9 – Miranda, 7 – Sydnie, and 5 – Justin), and work is going well! What more could I ask for? We have been living in Bloomington, IL for about 6.5 yrs and really love the area. I have been working for Plymouth Technology (industrial chemicals sales) for 5 yrs and am working in a Regional Sales Manager role. We are growing and business is going great, so that keeps me pretty busy. Krista and I bought an RV last August and have had a blast on many family camping trips. The kids absolutely love it and it has really given us the opportunity to have some good quality family time. jeremy-dehaai-tim-green-chad-riceWe drove it down to Disney in March for the kids spring break and met up with Rayme Lacy and his family for an evening. We had a couple of cold beers and told some ‘sea stories’ that evening. Timmy Green came up to Chicago a few weeks ago to make his 1st trip to Wrigley Field and he is now a huge Cubs fan! We met up with Chad Rice as well, who had just gotten married a week before! Needless to say, we had a pretty good time tossing back a few in the Wrigleyville area reminiscing about old times! I was hung over for days! FYI – I attached a picture of my family and a picture of Timmy, Chad, and I

eric-lindberg-tom-campbell-brian-krellEric Lindberg sent in some updates of Tom Campbell and Brian Krell’s bike trip from our house in San Francisco to Los Angeles early in July. We enjoyed hanging out on the evening of the 5th of July and Brian and Tom arrived in LA on the 13th. I caught up with Tom both before and afterward. Congrats Tom & Brian and thanks for the updates and pics, Eric.

jacko-dennis-jDennis Jacko wrote in: “Been a bit and thought I’d drop you an update. I’m now the XO on USS PEARL HARBOR (LSD 52), an amphibious assault ship out of San Diego (where else?). In about another 18 months I’ll be taking over as the CO, so I’m right on track with my master plan to retire after spending an entire Navy career in San Diego without moving. I’m currently on deployment, and we’ve been hitting some of the real garden spots of the world – East Timor, Guam, Sri Lanka, all on the way to even more super cool places in Africa and the Persian Gulf…again. My wife, Michelle, was able to fly out to meet me in Darwin, Australia on short notice for some nice R&R. We had a hell of a time getting dipped into a couple of enclosures with giant salt water crocodiles in the ‘Cage of Death’ (pic attached). We highly recommend it for small children or for adults after a few beers.

aron-raderAron Rader sent in his update: “Our second child was born on March 11, Kai; he’s in the picture here with his older brother. Everyone is getting re-adjusted to the lack of sleep and unexpected wakeup calls. Hope all is well and nice work on the website! – Regards, Aron Rader

brian-nicolle-nycNicolle (McIntyre) Fowler wrote in with some quick notes: “I had lunch with Brian Murphy on my recent quick trip to NYC in May for the christening of a childhood friend’s baby girl.  So nice to see Brian, work is keeping him very busy with CV Starr & Co in NYC.  He and Jeanne and their three children are doing well and enjoy living on Long Island near Jeanne’s family.   I am also doing well in Fargo, ND, still doing boiler inspections which keeps me busy and out of trouble.  My husband and I have some exciting news, we will be having fraternal twins in November, we are still two weeks away from the ultrasound to tell boys/girls/one of each yet.  The twin part is a shocker, but we are excited and terrified all the same.  A lot of sleepless nights are in our future!  The babies will join our 2 ½ year old daughter Alyssa.

Bob Noiseux got in a last minute notice of a new email address and an announcement that he’s moving jobs to Berkshire Power as Plant Manager. Congrats Bob!

Thanks for the submissions! I have updated our “MIA List” of missing email addresses on our website, And be sure to join our Facebook group “Kings Point Class of 1994” Till next round . . . ~Blake

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