Class Notes, Winter 2009

Class Notes, Winter 2009

Greetings everyone, Blake Miller here staying busy as per usual. Here are some updates that were sent in to me.

Brian Peters wrote in “I was promoted to lead all of GE Water’s indirect chemical distributors in North America. The family will be relocating to the Philadelphia area where GE Water’s headquarter is located.”

Tom Blenk wrote in from Dubi saying “I am still with ABS. Everything is going well.”

brian-murphy-matt-lavineBrian Murphy sent in…”My family and I got together with Matt Lavin and his family up in Cooperstown, NY, over Memorial Day. Matt and his wife, Ericka, now have four kids, with the newest addition, Parker, joining the clan in 2008. Matt is also in the process of moving from the Coast Guard base in Cape Cod, where he was flying helicopters, down to Elizabeth City, NC, where he will begin training on the C-130. As for me, things are going well. I’m still with Starr Marine Agency (coming up o 15 years) in New York, heading up the hull department. I now handle the international hull portfolio as well, which is fun but very challenging. Jeanne and I have had a busy and fun summer with our kids – Grace is 5 1/2, Patrick is 4, and Kate is 2 1/2. Attached is a picture of the gang from our vacation in the Adirondack mountain’s in July.


I got together with Matt Andrews and Garrett Cousineau a couple of months back. They are both with the tanker-broker Quincannon Associates in NYC and are doing well.

Homecoming was a lot of fun, and it was great seeing everyone again. Matt Ross made the trip down from Maine and stayed with us for a couple of days. He is currently sailing as Chief Mate with Chevron and is enjoying himself. It was great catching up with him.

I was in Wilmington, Delaware, earlier this week for a meeting with a tug company. As I was leaving the office, I ran into Pete Slootmaker, who had sold the company its Z-drives for its tugs. Pete works for HRP in Chester, PA, and we hope to catch up more soon.

Jim Kim has moved back to Atlanta after some time in Korea. Jim is a General Manager with GE in their Energy Services division. He’s in NY for some training and I hope to catch up with him while he’s here.”

Brian Krell wrote from the bridge of the Monseigneur, at anchor in Galveston “Well I missed homecoming, but for a good reason. I was out sailing as a deck officer for the first time! I finally decided to get out from behind the lawyer desk and do what I should have done 15 years ago, sail! I have been sailing as an Engineer for the last couple of years. I finally managed to get out and sail as a deck officer (go dualies!), and it just happened to be on the exact same ship that I first sailed on as a 3rd engineer on, the Monseigneur (an American Heavy Lift ship).


Before I shipped out, I went and checked up on Gavin Hughes in the Philippines. Well, a little more than a check up, I ended bringing my bicycle and pedaling around the Philippines with him for a month! Here is a picture of him and I after playing volleyball with the locals.”

John Bellissimo wrote in about the last reunion: “We had a very nice collection of ’94 make it out to the homecoming festivities this past October – not only from all over the country but Europe and Asia/South Pacific as well. For some this was the first time back to KP since graduation – and being from Kings Point is a lot better than being at Kings Point. Despite the weather a good time was had by all and the bonds formed as classmates were still quite apparent throughout the reunion weekend. Professor Jacques Szaluta delivered an update to the class of 1994 during the dinner party and for those classmates who were not in attendance; he passes on all the best regards. A special thank you to Matt Hartzell, Steve Liano, Matt Andrews, and Tim Green for their generous financial sponsorship of the event. Also a big thank you to Blake Miller for creating the website payment functionality and maintaining Planning for 2014 (20th reunion) will commence 4 years from now – if anyone is interested in assuming this responsibility (I think I heard Angie and Michelle were…) please don’t be shy to raise your hand. And I encourage those who couldn’t make it this time to seriously consider future attendance.”

Thanks for your input and feedback – Until next time . . . smooth sailing! ~Blake!

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