MIA List

MIA List

Here is our latest list of “MIA” classmates, meaning we don’t have any email address for them.  If you know the address of any of the listed, please let me know.

As of Sunday, 8/20/14

Jason Buxton
Robert Christoff
Michael Croce
Michael Drieling
Robert Foringer
Kristopher Glaser
Scott Iles
Song Kagan
Jason Kent
Erik Lechak
Ronald Leighton
Jared Lister
Kyle Lorash
Craig Lotz
Ricardo Mangubat
Larry Nace
Robert Pearson
John Preston
Michael Strobel
Walter Tague
Bryan Thompson
Catalda Van Dyke
Kevin Willoughby

If you know the address of any of the listed, please let me know.

10 thoughts on “MIA List

  1. I moved about 6 months ago. My new email is smcegelski (at) gmail (dot) com
    I have updated my KP alumni listing, not sure if you have mined that for any of the above missing?

  2. Blake,
    Wondering if you could take me off the MIA list.
    My current email addresses are:
    shawn.murphy (at) supshipgr -dot- navy -dot- mil
    ea7k (at) yahoo.com


  3. I’m turning myself in after 17+ years on the lam. As I get ready for the big 40 in 2012, I’m a Commander in the Navy at Carrier Strike Group TWO in the Norfolk VA area. We just returned from a deployment with the USS GEORGE HW BUSH (CVN 77) where I was the Deputy Information Warfare Commander. My wife Melissa and I have 5 kids with number 6 due any day now. I run into Will Herrmann on the Soccer Fields in VA Beach from time to time, but otherwise don’t run across too many KPers in my day to day.

    I’m on LinkedIn (christopher.howse (at) navy -dot- mil) and Facebook (chrishowse (at) aol -dot- com).

  4. Blake,

    Good to catch up on the phone. Forgot to mention to update my new email to pflynch (at) drew-marine -dot- com, the old Ashland email isn’t valid anymore.

    I’m on LinkedIn and I’ve got 3 followers on Twitter and Facebook. (just kidding not on Facebook or Twitter, the pictures were damaging).


  5. Blake,

    Hope all is still well in sunny San Diego. Ok, I’ll admit it – I miss the weather (especially these couple of summer months).

    Sorry I have failed to provide a better contact number up until now. Enjoying the deep south for the most part and the change from GD to BAE couldn’t have gone better. We just started construction on a new dredge for Weeks Marine and have two more large contracts in the mix now. Solid four year backlog, and we will be looking to increase total yard manning by 800 people.

    Interested in a Test & Trials Manager role?

    Perhaps we can get Glen and Joe back in just like old NASSCO days.

    Email is kevin.mershon@baesystems.com



  6. Blake, do you have Matt Leoni’s email address as I wanted to reach out to him as he lives very close to Aurora, CO.

    Thanks, Fred

  7. Still assigned to USCG Sector Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. Having great time during this winter season. Bouncing back and forth between Cleveland doing training. Hope all are fairing well in the new year.

  8. Coming out of hiding – came ashore with ExxonMobil affiliate, SeaRiver Maritime, Inc., on a “temporary shore assignment”. Eight years and five roles later, I’m still ashore with SRM as Vetting Mgr in Houston; I guess that means the assignment is no longer temporary.


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